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BA30 Fingerprint Access Control BM1000-Mercury Fingerprint & RFID Terminal
BA30 | Fingerprint Access Control
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BR10 USB Biometric Fingerprint Reader
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BM1000-Mercury | Multimedia Fingerprint & RFID Terminal with WIFI
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Our Price: $959.00
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The BA30 Biometric Fingerprint Smart Card Reader is a standalone access control device. It also has a standard Wiegand output to connect seamlessly with access controllers and can easily update existing card readers with Biometrics for a higher level of security. The BA30 Biometric Access Control requires no server or software. Everything is embedded in the device, making installation as easy as running wire. The Bio-Office BA30 is compatible with all standard format access control systems via 26bit or 37bit Wiegand communication. BR10 USB Biometric Fingerprint Reader The Bio-Office BM1000 Mercury is our most advanced Employee Time and Attendance system. This award winning, patented, multi-spectral imaging system captures superior images quickly, on all people, in all environmental conditions, with near zero failure. The BM1000 Mercury is equipped with a Lumidigm multi-spectral imaging sensor, an embedded WinCE operating system, a backlit keypad and a large, full color LCD screen.
L100D II Fingerprint Dead Bolt Lock
1 Year Bio-Office Support Plan
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Bio-Office 1 Year Support Plan
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Bio-Office Multiple Software Administrator
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L100D II | Fingerprint Dead Bolt Lock
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Our Bio-office technical support team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and support for your Bio-office Access Controls, Bio-office Time Clocks and our full featured, in-house developed Bio-office Time and Attendance software. At Bio-office, we strive to insure that your products are installed and configured properly so that you may receive the full benefits and savings that our products provide. Bio-Office Multiple Software Administrator The Bio-Office L100D II  fingerprint deadbolt lock is made using a high impact resistant lock  body design, high quality steel construction and state of the art nanotechnology surface treatment  that will help protect from corrosion and other environmental conditions. With its simple design, enrollment can be done within 5 seconds. The BL100D II comes standard with Fingerprint and an RFID Key-tag entry system in which a user is provided with a unique RFID badge or key-tag.
99 user capacity, emergency key override and 9Volt Battery terminal, simple DIY installation. This second generation deadbolt lock has lower overall power consumption which translates to 4 x AA Batteries providing for 8,000 door operations. The new nixie tube display provides the ability to add and remove users by a specific ID number.
Bio-office Professional Time Attendance Access Control Software BM1000
T50M Biometric Access Control Device
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Bio-office Professional Time Attendance Access Control Upgrade
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BM1000 | Multimedia Fingerprint & RFID Terminal
List Price: $835.12
Our Price: $699.00
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T50M is new generation of simple fingerprint time attendance and access control. With TI latest 300MHz DSP of high performance, high-speed fingerprint identification can be easily realized. T50 fingerprint time attendance and access control has the most compact design in the world. It integrates LCD, easy keypad and optical fingerprint sensor.  Easy network management through RS485 or TCP/IP. Anviz self-develops and designs optical fingerprint sensor, hardware circuit and fingerprint algorithm. The completely self-owned intellectual property right makes a high performance-price ratio for T50. The T50M is housed in a metal casing which makes it the recommended solution for external installations. Bio-Office offers complete Time Attendance and Access Control management through a simple and easy to use software solution. When paired with our Biometric Time Clocks and Access Control devices our complete Bio-Office system delivers accurate time attendance and access control reporting while increasing the accountability of your work force for their time spent at work.  Overall, the Bio-Office solution can reduce your monthly payroll costs by 10%-20% which in turn adds money to your bottom line every single month of the year! This is truly a product that pays for itself! Bio-Office, Management Made Simple! BM1000 is a genuine breakthrough by Anviz in biometric identification terminals, fully integrating fingerprint identification, RFID, camera, wireless, multimedia and embedded operating system technology. The BM1000 is equipped with a 3.5 inch industrial TFT true color LCD, a Samsung 400MHz Arm9 high speed processor and Windows CE embedded operation system. The BM1000 can be used in all applications where fingerprint identification is required such as Governments, large-scale enterprises and applications where high security levels are a must.

Bio-Office Company Information
Company Overview

Bio-office, is one of the first pioneers in the biometric and RFID industries. Over the last 11 years we have dedicated ourselves to providing innovative, high quality, cost effective products to our customers in over 100 countries. In the global market we are the leaders in biometric time management, security products and custom system solutions. We create value for our customers and their clients.

Invent and Trust is the core concept in both our product development and support commitment for our loyal customers.

The U.S. Headquarters of Bio-office is located in Tampa, Florida, with several branch offices in the UK, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa as well as additional locations all over the world. Combined, there are nearly 1000 talented employees servicing you globally. Bio-office trademarks have been registered in 158 countries around the world.

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US25 FingerPrint Safe

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The Ultraloq US25 is made using High Quality, Solid Steel Construction. It allows you to gain quick access to your valuables using state of the art fingerprint technology.

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